For examples of materials submitted for publication here see any of the following:
The Life of William Sinclair by Neil Ray of Sault Ste. Marie, Canada
An Immigrant's Journey by Thomas Middlemass of East Linton, Scotland
Who Was John Sinkler? by Rand Greubel of Montrose, Colorado

     This site is intended to be an archive of historical and genealogical information relating to the Sinclair, St. Clair, and Sinkler family names. If you have materials which you believe would be of general interest for publication at this site, I would be happy to assist you in developing those materials for publication here. I reserve the right to edit your materials so as to fit within the framework of this site but any editorial changes which I make are subject to your final approval. Submitting authors retain all copyright to their materials and also retain the right to refuse the continued use of their materials at this site at any time, for any reason. There is no charge whatsoever for this - it is done as a hobby and with the hope that this will make a wide range or materials available to a wider audience then they might otherwise reach.

     Materials may be submitted via e-mail either in html format, ASCII text, or in any of the commonly used word processing formats (WordPerfect, Word, AMI Pro, etc.). Generally speaking, submitting authors will not receive FTP access to this site. In appropriate circumstances, FTP access may be made available. There is no limit on the size of the works which may be submitted, subject only to space limitations on the hard disk of the server (which presently has plenty of space available!)

     If appropriate for posting at this site, an html formatted page fitting the framework of this site will be created from the author's work and returned to the submitting author for approval and comment. Once the html page has been developed to the satisfaction of the submitting author, it is posted to this site for general viewing and indexed with the major search indexes.

     In addition to textual material, the submission of appropriate graphical images to give depth and interest to the written work is encouraged. Arrangements can be made to scan family photographs without cost to the submitting author if digital files of graphic material are not available to the submitting author.

     It is my hope that by publishing submitted works without cost or expense on the part of the author, a wide range of interesting and useful information related to the Sinclair family can be made available to a wider audience than might otherwise have access to such works. In the event that I must discontinue the maintenance of this site, I will try to give as much advance notice as possible to authors and will assist to the degree possible in finding appropriate sites for the continued publication of their works.

     The unfortunate fine print: Nothing too severe, fortunately, but in this litigious age I feel I must include a few protections for myself. I retain the following rights in connection with this: (1) the right to refuse to publish any submitted work at this site; (2) the right to remove materials at any time, for any reason, without notice to the author, and; (3) the right to discontinue maintenance of this server at any time.

     For more information or to submit your material for consideration, please send me a quick note.

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