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     This web interface to the Sinclair Discussion List allows you to easily subscribe and unsubscribe to the list. Simply enter your name; your email address; and select subscribe. Within a few minutes, you will receive a response from the list server,, to confirm that your request to be placed on the list has been received. You may also use this form to get additional information about the list; to receive the list's "help" file; and to unsubscribe from the list. The list was established in December 1997 and already boasts over 200 active subscribers. Join this increasingly popular resource for learning about Sinclair family heritage.

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    If you prefer to subscribe to the list via email, send a message to On a single line in the body of your message, include the following: subscribe sinclair.

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About the List

    The Sinclair Discussion List is an e-mail list of subscribers with a common interest in Sinclair family history and genealogy. Members of the list may post a message to the list and it is forwarded by the list manager software to all other members of the list. It is an opportunity for you to learn about Sinclairs, St. Clairs, and Sinklers throughout history; ask questions about your family's ancestry; trace your genealogical roots; and otherwise take part in an engaging email discussion of the Sinclair family name. Members of the list include Pete Cummings, Clan Historian for Clan Sinclair USA; Brad Barker, current President of Clan Sinclair USA; David Sinclair Bouschor, past President of Clan Sinclair USA; and Jean Grigsby, a renowned Sinclair researcher. Why not subscribe to the list and see what you can learn - and how you can contribute to the discussion.

    The Discussion List is administered by John Sinclair Quarterman, a distinguished member of the Internet community, avid follower of the Sinclair family's history, and webmaster of the Clan Sinclair Web Site. In 1996, John received the prestigious Dvorak Telecommunications Excellence Award for "Man of the Year - Personal Achievement." Other recipients of the Dvorak Award over the years include Tim Berners Lee, generally considered to be the creator of the World Wide Web; Vinton Cerf, developer of the key Internet protocol which allows disparate computer platforms to communicate with each other and recipient of the Presidential National Medal of Technology; and other prominent contributors to the growth and development of the Internet. John is president of Matrix Information and Directory Services (MIDS), which examines the construction and demographics of the Internet and other networks in the Matrix of all computers worldwide that exchange electronic mail, and presents that information textually, graphically, and in geographic maps.

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