Saturday, June 25, 2016   08:22 AM

Kingcrest Computer Solutions - Making Computers Work For You

Kingcrest Computer Solutions is a Richmond, Virginia, based computer consulting firm providing:
  • Web site design and implementation
  • Web site hosting
  • Secure e-commerce web stores
  • Internet training
  • Network design for small businesses
  • Hardware and software consulting

We specialize in the design of database driven web sites for small businesses, non-profit corporations, associations, and athletic organizations. Using state of the art software technologies such as Cold Fusion™, Java™, and custom CGI scripts we can provide your organization with an impressive presence on the web to attract business or to provide interactive information to the members of your organization. Full web site hosting and design is available at competitive rates.

To provide our potential clients with the opportunity to see their web site in its "native environment," we can provide a demonstration site for review and consideration prior to any purchase decision. There is no charge for this demonstration web site as we view it as an opportunity for potential clients to fully understand the possibilities of doing business on the web. It also allows us the opportunity to determine the vision of our potential clients for their web site. Working together, we can develop the site with that vision in mind.

Kingcrest Computer Solutions
4227 Kingcrest Parkway
Richmond, VA 23221